Thursday, 22 December 2011

Pretty Woman: Thigh high boots - a firm fave amongst sluts?

And before anyone even goes there i'm not talking about the visual car crash that were waders. I still standby the view that they were a sick joke Prada took too far. I'm in fact talking about the lady of the night inspired thigh high boot. They might not be entirely en vogue right now what with the whole man repeller movement currently in full swing, unfortunately wearing a pair of these beauties will probably make you seem more attractive to the opposite sex...

I tend to find that this particular style of boot is a firm favourite of the sort of girl who's partial to playboy underwear and foam nights at Oceana. But why does it have to be this way?! I'd like to see more hipsters ditching their Creepers in favour of the thigh high. However, unless you're Karlie Kloss or Tamara Mellon's your bestie, pulling off such a badly connotated boot can be a complicated undertaking. I came to this conclusion today when I purchased a pair. The second I got home on they went and everything from my toes to just above my knee caps looked (in my mind) like pure £45 pound in the sale sex. However I soon realised that if I was ever to wear them out in public i'd have to team them with something other than my pajamas - they'd been sufficient for prancing about in my bedroom/pretending to be Rihanna, but definitely not a strong look for the real world. I looked to 3 of the most stylish women in the world for inspiration...

All hail the following:

Carine Roitfeld

Emmanuelle Alt

Anna Dello Russo 

When bad thigh highs happen to good people...

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