Thursday, 26 January 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier Vs Amy Winehouse

This morning my heart skipped a little when I saw the pictures of Jean Paul Gaultier's S/S '12 Couture show. The whole collection a dedication and a celebratory send-off to the late, great songstress. Polka dots, corseted waists and skin tight pencil skirts, it made me wonder why I ever put my beehive to rest and why I ever swapped my liquid liner for a soft kohl.

I still can't listen to her voice without getting a lump in my throat. So inspite of all the beautiful couture and the whole show being such a fabulous dedication, it was still overwhelmingly sad to hear the backing singers serenade the models with Back to Black and watch the encore being played out to Rebab. I was half expecting her to jump out from behind the curtain. 

Watch the show here.

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