Wednesday, 1 August 2012


This summer we trotted off to Croatia for the drop dead gorgeous Garden Festival. We’d been waiting for this trip for an absolute age and painstakingly counted down the hours until the time finally came for us to pack up our studs, spray on our batty riders and squeeze 101 outfits into one cabin friendly bag. We hold The Garden dear to our hearts as it’s a place where we reunite with old friends, make new ones and eat calamari by the kilo. Eating, drinking and dancing in one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil, Factor 4, Day 1, LET’S GO! UV rays are a myth. 

The highlight of our festival had to be watching Voicebox Queen and good friend, Ms. Dani Moore, take to the main stage with Crazy P in our first House of Jam custom-made creation. Jazz and I wanted to make a get-up for this fabulous woman as we knew she’d do it justice and rock the absolute sh** out of it, which she did. And then some. The play-suit, designed especially for Dani, consists of a metallic black body with over-sized black sheer chiffon sleeves, finished off with leather collar and cuffs and a back fasten exposed zip. Both cuffs and collar were given the HOJ treatment and studded using silver dome studs. We were both really happy with how it turned out and hope Dani enjoyed performing in it as much as we enjoyed watching her! 

With our focus switching solely to the HOJ label, we’re hoping to be able to create some more bespoke designs for those with a penchant for strutting lots of stuff on stage. Watch this space! 

Photos courtesy of Heather Shuker Photography

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