Saturday, 20 October 2012

A Bump In The Night.

Stuck for ideas with Halloween and don’t wish to look ‘cute’ in a cat outfit with your tits and tush out, a backing dancer for Steps with devils horn or a bitch in hat, then W magazine is what you should be channelling.

Celebrating 40 years in print, each cover star has been dressed appropriately to represent each decade. But quite frankly, each actress is perfect Halloween partaaay inspiration if ever we saw it. Whether Keira Knightley looking a tad Myra-Hindley-ish is your cauldron of choice (bad taste perhaps but those collar bones are to die for) or Rooney Mara reppin’ the 70's with a Stevie Nicks nod (layers, floppy hats, feathers and capes... or a howling Kate Bush naked dance in the woods if not). Mia Wasikowska is smashing it with that pumpkin crop and Scarlett Johansson giving us her best Cruella Deville pout with a fishing hook hanging out her hooter. Or you can go the full hog and do an ‘Osbourne’...

Yeah maybe not.

But after reigniting my love for The Craft this week (this film is the reason I heart the 90’s) is most definitely where it’s at. Darker lip-liner than lipstick, velvet chokers, black cat-eye sunglasses, Camden cybergoth/Spice boots, Japanese schoolgirl socks, clusters of silver rings and Proudlock-cross earrings; basically the current Dalston uniform. The 90’s goth trend has never been so cool and OH, so hot right now...


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