Wednesday, 31 October 2012


MAJOR EXCITEMENT: We are off to Berlin next week for a HOJ-on-mass-style-trip, eeeeeekkkkk! (sorry I meant, iiiiiiicccccchhhhhh!) Extra large bratwursts, old men in leather chaps and getting some momentous mingling action in to a bit of dirty arse Techno. But now the stereotyping is over; mostly the excitement is caused due to the entire contents of my suitcase now consisting of these, LED eyelashes- serious eyewear if I saw it!

Despite looking like an extra from Tron (though this is easily avoided by adding a headband to hide the faint wire running behind the ears- flashing pom poms, too much?) these are a must have. They work by having an inclination sensor built in with mercury added to control the on/off of the device. When you move your head/eyelid/pupil/eyelash, the LED will flicker, following your every movement whilst leaving a trace of serious disco enlightenment in its wake.

Long, short, fair, stubby or curly- every lash will benefit. Fakes are so TOWIE series 2; Tron is now where it's at. Let’s just hope Berlin doesn't totally avoid the nutter in the corner of the club with inconsistent Christmas lights plugged in behind her ears... but let’s give it a go shall we!

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