Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Franca Sozzanni has lost her shit.

Italian VOGUE is one of our faves, even after Anna left, and even after Franca’s “Haute Mess” mess, our soft spot remained. However, now she’s well and truely gone and done it by drafting in Kim Kardashian of Kim Kardashian fame for her VOGUE DEBUT – are you fucking kidding me? If this is the direction L’UOMO seems to be taking, then expect to see Kerry Katona in a Prada one piece for the September issue. Ok, we get it, she’s the Queen of reality TV, she’s got bigger curves than Jessica rabbit, but really? The only reason she’s famous is because she sucked off Ray J. Who hasn't?! And what, now she gets to grace the pages of VOGUE? Speechless.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Fell in love with a girl...

Last night we saw Miss Lianne La Havas in Berlin. Even though her voice is UN-REALZ, all that hype over the past 6 months had of course planted just a teeny tiny seed of doubt in our minds, you know that whole - build 'em up knock 'em down vibe. Maybe she isn't all that? Hey guess what? She totally is, and more. We spent the whole gig with great big smiles plastered across our faces gazing at this beautiful asymmetrical songstress. Oh and I cried a bit too, she got deep, "You broke and taught me to truely hate myself, unfold me and teach me to be somebody else..."
Give her her due, she knows how to rock a strong side bun - an extremely underrated skill, let me tell you! With eyebrows that put Brooke Shield's slugs to shame, it's safe to say, we're in love.