Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Festival Slap: Our Guide

Rainbow Brows

Perfect for festivals, bright brows are our new fave. There's no mess, and once they're done no fuss, so you won't have to worry about them sliding down your face. You can use a lip pencil, we love The Make up Stores 'Frosted Berry', just make sure it's a hard pencil and not a soft crayon. The bolder the better, you'd be surprised what colours you'l be able to pull off. Dark haired beauts among you, opt for berry shades, Blondies try aqua marines and Red-heads go green. 

Glitter Ball

Now we all love glitter, even though it gets everywhere and you'll be finding it in places you never thought it could reach, there's something about covering yourself in something sparkly that just feels so right. However, don't make the mistake of being 'that girl' the stereotypical festival bird who smears a little smudge under each eye and hey presto! Hey we've all done it but you can't just dip your toe in, if you're glittering it up, do it right. We've been using MAC's 'Beautiful Iris' eye shadow, they slicking over a layer of Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream (lasts 10 times longer than Vaseline) and covering the entire socket with The Make Up Store glitter pot in 'Scorpio'. 

Peachy Clean

If glitter isn't your bag and you're after something that will come off without using a whole pack of baby wipes then play around with colour and not sparkle. Make sure your base is purrrfect, might be a bit of a tall order trying to perfect a matt base whilst sat in the middle of a field but if the focus is going to be on colour your skin needs to be flawless. We love NARS duo eyeshadow in 'Fashion Rebel' and 'Rated R', the colour combinations are festival friendly, and can be built up steadily to achieve the amount of coverage and intensity you're after. If you fancy a more sheer finish, reach for the good old 8 hour cream and dab over cheek and brow bones. 

Ghetto Gothic

Sometimes all a girl needs is a smokey eye. Festival smokey eyes need to have a bit more staying power and intensity than your usual sexy smolder. Granted, this is probably best for when the sun sets but make sure you apply it before the sun goes down. This is pretty much impossible to do in the dark, perched on a make shift stool, hand held mirror in one hand, torch in the other. Focus on the brow, make it a strong one - add a little extra height to the arch and length to the tail. Highlight the brow bone to add further contrast and cover the whole socket in Illamasqua's powder eye shadow in 'Obsidian'. If you're going to see your lashes through the black make sure you stick on a decent pair of falsies. 

Lip Service

If the thought of putting on a full face at a festival seems more ridiculous that Rita Ora headlining the main stage at Glasto then make your statement through make-up accents. Make your lips pop and your nails to match. Bold lips are easy to do and easy to take off! This doesn't work on dry crusty chops so make sure you're fully moisturized up and there's no cracks for the colour to cling to. We've purchased Illamasqua's lipstick in 'Flare' and 'Apocalips' for Glasto this weekend, bright orange flare for the daytime and teal matt Apocalips for the Down Low! 

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