Saturday, 8 June 2013

Graduate Fashion Week - The Winners

In a country where raw young talent it nurtured and encouraged, It's great to see how this years Graduate Fashion Week has been celebrated. Coverage of this years event is everywhere and so it should be. London has always been the epicenter for aspiring designers, it's punk inspired ethos creating a stable platform for young designers, enabling them to work their way up the ranks, turning their designs into actual brands. Remember 2012, the year London killed it at Fashion week? The year the focus was shifted from Paris, the year the likes of Meadham Kirchoff, Marios Schwab and Mary Katrantzou produced 'those' collections forcing fashion heavy weights to take notice, and see our capital as the 'key' fashion week? Well we reckon in a few years when this lot have made their way up the ladder, history will be repeating itself. The winners of this years GFW have definitely upped it a gear this year, with the bar being well and truly lifted. 

Gold Award Winner - Lauren Smith

Womenswear Award Winner - Hannah Williams 

Zandra Rhodes Textile Award - Kirandeep Bassan

Josephine Pettman 

Thea Saunders

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