Thursday, 20 June 2013


It was a key trend last Spring now they're back for round 2 this summer, head to toe botanical prints might not sound like everyone's cup of tea but if you can pull it off then throw caution to the wind and go floral! 
According to some there are no rules in fashion, however we have a few and here are 3 we think help to avoid looking a little less Hyacinth Bucket and bit more Solange. 

You can opt for head to toe and still break it up with maybe a vest or crop top underneath. Anchor your busy prints with a solid block of colour to give a bit more depth to your get up. 

Keep silhouettes stream lined for a more lady like finish. As there should be a lot going on in terms of colour and print, keep it simple in terms of shape and cut. We're loving tailored shorts with cropped jackets as well as maxi length skirts with cropped tee's or vests. 

Avoid being matchy matchy like the plague, there's nothing more contradictory or Laura Ashley than matchy matchy 'clashing' florals, it undermines the whole trend which in essence should be (even though we know its not) a spontaneous mix of bright, bold patterns that you just threw on and now happen to look amazing.

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