Tuesday, 4 June 2013

We ♥ Man-Repellers

Jelly Shoes...
These childhood classics are beyond cute and will remain in our hearts and on our feet forever. However, nostalgia and cuteness is lost on boys for 2 reasons:
1. Boys who wore jelly shoes at school were cannon fodder for the boys who wore kickers.
2. Boys can't hack blisters.

High-waisted Jeans...
We have no idea what their deal is with these, it will remain one of life's unsolved mysteries. They eliminate the threat of muffin top, suck up the stomach and bigs up the booty. We can pop, lock and drop without our panties peeking out a la Katie Price style, always a bonus, so whatever their problem is, we're past caring. HW4LYF!

Roll Necks...

We see Sade, they see their old maths teacher. We're not going to argue, when worn incorrectly
roll necks can look a little less chic and a lot more frump, but they feel too right to be wrong!

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