Thursday, 22 August 2013

All over the Macarena!

That time of year is here again- to dutty wind with a red stripe in hand and a plastic pineapple under arm with blacked-out shades tightly fixed to face and hair frizzed up in the humidity, all the while smiling ecstatically over the base- Carnival time!

Come Sunday, the streets around Notting Hill will be paved with colour! Music! Shapes! Floats! People! Food (OMG the food!) Visions! Movement! Vibrations! Don’t let the media hype ruin the fun, for Carnival is a time for everyone to come together under the most electrifying atmosphere; to embrace the show, to celebrate the big 'C' ("well cultured babes") and to have, oh yeah, FUN! Of course, what to wear is just part of the charm. Unless this takes your fancy, and lets be honest, if we had it, we'd definitely flaunt it too…

... then we were going to suggest something really stereotypical and obvious to evoke the full-blooded Caribbean flex and then we thought- yep that’s exactly what we are going to do. With the weather looking highly promising it seems there is no other option than citrus bounds of colour, midriffs high, batty riders even higher, with HOJ prints making new friends, (vital) flat shoes and to forget all about work on Monday because it doesn’t exist- for all exists now is this pavement, in which your nose is currently bouncing off. Headdresses are more than welcome, as is a bottle of Morgan Spice and beads; hang beads everywhere, just because it feels good.  

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There really is no other place in London quite like it. See you at the bus and let the Good Times roll!


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