Monday, 5 August 2013

Get The London Look.

The G is back in town. Gwen and her age-defying, ghetto fabulous/skater girl in 3.1 Phillip Lim style are back in the City whilst visiting English-hubby, Gavin Rossdale's family in Hampstead- reppin’ a Burberry checked trench like no other. 

How is it when Daniella Westbrook attempted the same full-blown printed look she looked like a dog biscuit, whilst Stefani wraps it and looks ridiculously chic? It could be the effortless way she pulls outfits together, mixing urban slouch with fine tailoring that has redefined the 'yummy mummy' (*grimace) wardrobe. Whether it is a bikini and surf shorts on Santa Monica beach, the Grammy Awards in Valentino or on stage with her band, No Doubt in vintage Adidas- Gwen rocks it with a capital, Raaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Never seen without  a matte rouge lip, peroxide locks and swish of black liquid liner; Gwen fails to look ‘done’ or too try-hard, EVER (VB, we are looking at you) and over the past 20 years has kept true to her personal style that began with pink hair, bindis and braces. To get the 'Gwen in London' look (far cooler than California, obvi) stick to denim, checks and stripes to keep the radar set on scorching grunge; add a pair of fuchsia Wonka shades, talon nails and knitted beanie for that extra burn baby.


Mixing ska/hip hop and rock influences in the music has been incorporated into her everyday look, with the L.A.M.B. clothing line feeding her appetite for RTW fashion, taking inspiration from Vivienne Westwood for shape, cut and draping.

And let’s be honest- she's just one hot mamma! 43 years old (and still holding a Batman umbrella, brilliant) it’s safe to say, most women half her age want to be her, or even just one of her abs. Look cool up under the dictionary; I’m pretty sure you’ll see Gwen Stefani, standing in Converse, a white vest with a child in tow and still managing to look couture.

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  1. Hey, great post, can you tell me where I can get those tan shoes pictured with the dungarees please please please :-)