Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Snug as a Bug...

Call us insane but we are mega excited for Autumn, even dare we say it, winter? No not the rain, grim frosty mornings, leaving the club in darkness and getting drenched on the dash from station to work; but the chunky knits, fur stoles, shaggy coats, heavy buckled boots, striped layering, bobble hats, mittens... bare legs- I'm over you!

Come on admit it, there is something really homely, cosy and  a tad romantic about throwing on an oversized jumper, walking to your local and sitting in front of an open fire with a large red and Style on Sunday, followed by a homemade roast and film back at yours with toasty socks and a cuppa. Yeah you can do it now (minus the outerwear) but it’s not the same. Don’t get us wrong! We love summer as much as the next guy but it’s true what they say; you always want what you don’t have. (You can hold us to that when we are moaning how we miss the long summer evenings, drinking cider by the river and the uncontrollable urge to chain smoke.) 

But if you are not convinced then just take a look at these mighty fine pre-A/W knits from HOJ. With a selection of colour, prints and no-scratch guaranteed, they have got us all hot under the knit- especially that umbrella design (we love a novelty number round here.)  And if you are STILL not in agreement then the image of Miley Cyrus in that nude latex bikini is enough to get everyone running for cover!

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