Friday, 9 August 2013

Time to grow up?

With a line-up that has swapped and changed more times than Rihanna's hair, it seems only right that it should go full circle, back to the start, back to where it all began: one word, overload.

Sugababes, sorry, MKS have regrouped with its founder members; Mutya. Keisha and Siobhan (gettit?) to show the Heidi’s, Amelia’s, Jade’s of this world how to do harmonies properly. Bust ups, cat fights, piercings, bad tatts, a Celeb Big Brother appearance, flopped solo careers and one bum lift later and they appear to have reunited to leave the fiery past behind them. And oh, what a difference 13 years can make!

Getting together when they were just 15 years old with their first (and only) album together ‘One Touch’; they were the girl group that had the nonchalant attitude without the bubblegum hemline that made them the edgy choice (when you were ten) to play on your Walkman. You could just imagine them as shazza teenagers; hanging out on the park bench with straggly hair, gelled fringes, multiple scrunches and python-skinned backless loafers that we can all relate to, can’t we?

The epitome of nougthies fashion- bland block colour halter necks, flat caps, and cowboy boots; it’s safe to say that was the most dire time for fashion (give it two years ) but fast forward to 2013 and it’s marvellous what a new stylist can do. Sleek textures, sophisticated layering, structured jackets and enough urban to keep it grounded- it’s time for grown up fashion to rear it’s head with even the worst offenders Just add large hoops, a leather jacket, sultry smile and plum lippy; "You can take the girl out of 2001..."

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