Friday, 2 August 2013

Two's Up!

Walking aimlessly around Secret Garden Party with tinsel in hair, glitter in eyes and a colourful tripped vision of perfection surrounded by friends, trees and blurred lines- it truly was a stunning realisation of, “Ohemgeee I’ve never been so happy in my life.” Whilst the lake glistened, splashed and then burned in a violent burst of beauty; music jammed, quivered and slammed and friends dance, fell, rolled and then flew-the dreamlike state of tranquility amongst everyone was complete. Feathers were huge, sequins rainbow and clothes… what clothes? The only garment that mattered at SGP was the two-piece; oh yes! The HOJ two-piece is back, shaking to a trend that is still recovering 5 days later….

Soundwave, Garden, Glastonbury, Lovebox, Found, SGP, Eastern Electrics, Thailand, Ibiza… the infamous HOJ handmade two-piece has been there, keeping us fully bootylicious-proof along the way. And it’s returned! With Dimensions festival just over a month away, it is not just the cross-trainer that is back with a vengeance but the array of printed and fabulous textured fabrics too. Starting subtle with chic monochrome, but soon growing brighter than the emerald green tree lights at The Labyrinth stage. (God, take us back.)

Worn with pumps and John Lennon’s in the daytime for a casual affair; wedges and naturally sprung curls for stylish evening attire and then hologram-me-up, blue eyebrows and mesh kimonos for partaaaay time later! The two-piece is a guaranteed way to attract all the right kind of attention.  

Shop NOW before the summer is well and truly O-V-E-R. 

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