Thursday, 5 September 2013

I'll take your brain to another Dimension.....

By the time you read this, the HOJ posse will be in Croatia, or more precisely, DIMENSIONS festival, avin' it large in Pula. Clear seas, pumping music, stunning villa, beautiful views surrounding rolling hills, an incredible abandoned fort as a backdrop, love and laughter with friends (you get the picture) can only mean one thing- COLOUR! 

Before the nights draw in and the gloom covers us all in negativity and shivers, we need to grab every opportunity like it is our last to inject vitality into the end-of-summer-so-now-want-to-kill-ourself-wardrobe. Whether you have also booked a last minute holiday somewhere warm, ripply and Mediterranean, are off to Bestival or planning to adsorb the rays in your local park; there really is no excuse not to get your vibrant on. You can always add ribbed tights, a pea coat, fur stole and cashmere mittens over the tequila sunrise dress in winter to give Jack Frost a startle on an icy November morning- I think you can call that an investment?

 See you on other side! Now pass the calamari down will you...  


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