Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Limber me up, Jack!

If you thought it was just men that were sexing up the lumberjack trend of late, then think again. Beards may be so hot right now (preferably on a man) but us ladies have all agreed; the check jacket is back!

If like me, one of your favourite musicals of all time is ‘Seven Brides For Seven Brothers’ (ask your Nan) you will understand that it takes a lot for the lumberjack style to be considered sexy. Forget the hefty build, ginger bush and dirty finger nails and go along the more luxury squared, open front jacket route in a range of vivid colours, check sizes and length that have recently exploded onto the House of Jam site. Denim, sheer and leather works perfect, as does contrasting with another check to give that mitchy-matchy, lovely jubbly, vintage take on Derek Lam.

And if you are still not convinced about the level of seduction that lumberjack chic can create, then follow these two God-like words; Ryan Gosling. 

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