Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Made in Chelsea.

It's back. What Monday evenings have been sorely missing and the reason why our Tuesday mornings at work in the kitchen, have been eerily quiet. Three words; Made in Chelsea!

Whether you are team Lucy or Louise, love or loathe Spencer, think Jamie's hand gestures are cute or the worse thing to come out of the McVitie legacy or couldn't give a flying toss, there's no getting away from the e4 ‘reality’ TV show.

From the name-dropping, bar-hopping, bed-bouncing, ra-deee-da sex scandals; they are the young, rich and incestuous wearing only the latest labels. Vintage prints, fur stoles, large totes balanced on the forearm, felt fedoras, luxurious cashmere and leather jackets thrown casually over the shoulder (the latter for when they show us they can do indie too whilst swigging pony-neck beers in a very grimy, yet perfectly clean live music bar in Primrose Hill.) Drama, awkward silences, beautifully expensive gold stacked rings, glossy tonged hair and Cheska stirring it all together- this show has it all!

See they are just like us. (Apart from Phoebe. Not sure what stone she crawled out from...) 

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