Thursday, 3 October 2013


Forget the onesie (please god, let’s forget the onesie) for now it is all about the nightshirt making an appearance from the dark realms of your bedroom to the acceptable antics of day!

Who would have thought it; Michael Darling from Peter Pan being the inspiration behind the look? However, to make it fashion savvy enough to wear other than Christmas morning with your family (who are supposed to love you whatever you  look like) it must tick three specific boxes; be checked, knee length and buttoned all the way to the top- anything else would be well below par. So thank god HOJ has it all sewn up eh! In a variety of colour to match every laced boot and beanie in your wardrobe, the nightshirt is the item of the week. 

Now next up, long johns.... 

Shop the Nighthawk look NOW

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