Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Is this guy serious? Guns, lingerie and coke? Part of us wants to hate this guy and be all like, " What a misogynistic, disgusting b*****d!" The other part of us wants to be a dope bitch and wear his Chanel snap back.. Hmmm decisions, decisions..

Chloe Sevigny + Miu Miu = Match Made in Heaven

Mary Janes and Pant Suits OH MY. 

One of our faves, Chloe Sevigny, is back as the face of Miu Miu for a/w '13, having first graced the brand with her fab'o'lus'ness back in 1996 on their s/s campaign. This time round she's dressed head to toe in hyper print trouser-suits, which undoubtedly will now feature on every cover of every magazine from now until next year. 

Love it. Love her. Wanna Be her.