Thursday, 31 October 2013

Slasher vs Slut?

Means Girls hit the nail in the coffin when the voiceover from Lohan drawled, "In 'Girl World', Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girl can say anything about it." For the 31st October brings a sudden panic to the female predicament- to dress like a hoe or a hag. Pick a side, nothing in between, that’s it… and forever we will know what kind of a girl you truly are.

We are not twelve years old anymore, do not go Trick or Treating (we hope) and don’t hang around with the 'cool' group of guys who carry fresh Tesco Value eggs in their trackie pockets with a Scream mask covering their bum fluff chin (again, hope.) So why should a bunny or a zombie bride be the only choice of character for a woman to have? This is not a feminism speech about empowerment, liberation and equality but….  a fashion crusade. Instead of cheap lyrca, scratchy acrylic wigs and floppy ears look toward textures to get the sinister juices flowing. Leather, fur, sheer, beading and velvets in a mix of rich hues, clustered jewellery, towering stilettos with a berry lip will set the tone nicely- making it easier that the ‘gothic’ trend always seem to be bang on the style radar this time of year. Funny that.

Taking elements of our favourite horror characters, such a Freddy Krueger in this divine tomato red checked woolly jumper, the Beetlejuice flavour high waisted trousers; bring out your phobia of spiders in the giant tarantula-esque grey fury number or choose the punky vision of tartan and PVC to bring a touch of North London horror to your attire, is a far more stylish way to go. 

But saying all this, let’s take a bet- how many people will be dressing up as Miley Cyrus this weekend? Well suppose it is a happy medium… 

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

On a ragga tip.

Snazzy 90’s pants are back. Draw in at the waist, loose on the leg, rolled up at the bottom with enough flavour to break out into the 1994 classic, “I like to move it”- cos we do, right?

With the Versace vibe of the black and white swirls partnered with the mesh tee, the multi-colour circus favourites or striped boating delights, there is a design to suit all tastes. As the weather drops and gusts prevail, there is no better way to stick two-fingers up at the Great British weather than with some funky-ass trews. Layer over with oversized knitwear and a vibrant beanie or carry through the 90’s zest with one of the many tantalising bombers now on offer at HOJ- it's time to get all boombastic!

“Woman you nice, sweet, energetic. Big ship on de ocean like a big Titanic, Woman.” Wow, Reel 2 Real, you really did change the music scene forever. 

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Friday, 25 October 2013

Autumn, is that you?

Believe it or not, we are halfway through autumn. This mild, clammy (especially when running for the morning train with your newly-purchased fur insulation absorbing you) lukewarm presence that has followed October around like a clingy boyfriend, is set to leave us from today, as the clocks go back and temperatures drop- beloved knitwear, WE AM NOW READY FOR YOU!

Finally, the autumnal wardrobe can make a fabulous appearance. Cashmere capes, novelty sweaters, vintage fluff, full woollen skirts, sheepskin button-ups, cashmere crops, tweed delights and charcoal hues make a welcome return to the most stylish season of the year. The cold (not wet) does not need to mean emotionless dressing- by keeping it layered, accessorised and chunky- both with boots and scarves, will keep the look interesting, varied and rich in substance.

Grab you mate, (fiancĂ©!) or man’s best friend and take a wander around your local… park that is and enjoy the vision of rustic burnt oranges, the scent of burning wood as your next door neighbour sets your fence alight again and the crunch from serenity as you take a slip on something lurking submissively below the leaf carpet…. sometimes the simplest things in life are the most fulfilling.

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Made in Chelsea.

It's back. What Monday evenings have been sorely missing and the reason why our Tuesday mornings at work in the kitchen, have been eerily quiet. Three words; Made in Chelsea!

Whether you are team Lucy or Louise, love or loathe Spencer, think Jamie's hand gestures are cute or the worse thing to come out of the McVitie legacy or couldn't give a flying toss, there's no getting away from the e4 ‘reality’ TV show.

From the name-dropping, bar-hopping, bed-bouncing, ra-deee-da sex scandals; they are the young, rich and incestuous wearing only the latest labels. Vintage prints, fur stoles, large totes balanced on the forearm, felt fedoras, luxurious cashmere and leather jackets thrown casually over the shoulder (the latter for when they show us they can do indie too whilst swigging pony-neck beers in a very grimy, yet perfectly clean live music bar in Primrose Hill.) Drama, awkward silences, beautifully expensive gold stacked rings, glossy tonged hair and Cheska stirring it all together- this show has it all!

See they are just like us. (Apart from Phoebe. Not sure what stone she crawled out from...) 

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Friday, 18 October 2013

Good things come in 3's

What do they say again- three's a crowd? Well, here at HOJ we don't think so, in fact we think it's best to do it three-way. For not only do we have one sublime black jacket but THREE bobby dazzlers! From the beaded trophy style, the caged cropped number (major swoon) or the fail-safe glitter statement- it's a sight to make your eyes POP in utter amazement.

The statement jacket is the simplest way of jazzing up any outfit. From work to a dinner date, clubbing East to cocktails West; there is a style for every occasion. By adding interest with detail and intricacy will make you stand alone from the stale-black-jacket-gang that is normally associated with such wearer. Mixing and immersing different fabrics, textures and shine together will give a whole new dynamic to an outfit. Basically, the moral of this blog being; never underestimate a black jacket!


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

What a Menace.

Dennis the Menace- there have been stranger inspirations to come out of fashion. (Mrs. Doubtfire’s kitten heel with skin colour tights spring to mind) but come the cold, foggy autumnal days- striped jumpers, capes and ponchos will be your saving stylish grace. 

With the Bastille-esque spikey barnet, full brow and battered pair of lace-up boots - it appears 2013 is the year of the Dennis. There is nothing more satisfying than pulling over a comfy oversized knitted number; even better if holed at the sleeve, in these bitter months leading up to the festive season- but if you want that 'worn' feeling without the effort, then HOJ is the choice for you.

With Halloween creeping up, you will be well in vogue with the Freddy Krueger reference also. Add a fedora and you may as well but up on the catwalk, strutting it for Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent. Just remember the melting face look is not and will never be, hot right now. 

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

"Oh man, I luuuurve the cake!"

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The Great British Bake Off. Say no more. The whole country has gone multi-seed mental for Mary Berry and her macaroon infused innuendos- and even for old pervy Paul.  Now in its fourth series, the BBC2 show has become a national phenomenon and golden crusted treasure; staying in is the new going out, for baking has overtaken twirking as our favourite pastime. (Mary over Miley any day of the week, not just on a Tuesday.)

And what could you possibly wear to sit down and gorge yourself on a selection of scones, pastries and pies… a tea dress of course! Hardened up with a graphic print and black biker boots, the look has come a long way since Kate Nash, circa 2007. Less pastle, more vibrant and not just for the indie Cindy’s with the Lego haircut- for now we can all sling over a battered leather jacket and pop in a pair of chunky gold hoops without being judged- baked or not.

So sit back, put the kettle on, turn off the oven and let the brutal comments from the judges on the remaining contestants, apple strudel commence. X Factor who? 

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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Totally rave, yah!

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Whatever you think of Henry Holland and his ‘posse’ (Pixie, Grimy, Alexa and Harry… say no more) you got to hand it to him, his AW13 collection was perhaps his best yet. This was mainly due to the cocktail glass motif that was weaved in throughout (the drop earrings and embroidered denims were sublime) and perhaps less the term ‘Rave Nana’ that was coined as the inspiration behind it.

However, the mix of abstract prints, fun knitwear, garish colours and punchy jewelled fabrics was something that could not be denied; the boy done good. With the term ‘Rave Nana’ being referenced to describe either a granddaughter raiding the wardrobe of an OAP in 1989 before trippin' to an acid house rave or the female in question, literally being a pill popping, eighty-eight year old. Either way, get involved!

This look is all about sticking to the traditional ‘grandma’ shape of pussy-bow blouses, balloon shoulders, sensible sweaters and full skirts but then puking over it with neon orange, swirls, vintage prints and hi-shine. Chuck a parka over and you're good to go. But just remember; Sunday lunch with your family the next day… and make sure your Nan's not left behind on the M62.

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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Show a bit of skin...

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As the nights draw in and the temperature (apparently) drops, it’s time for your second skin to come out of hibernation and snuggle itself down over your bare torso. From the warm hues of the leopard and tiger print to its cold, heartless enemy, the reptile scale- the skin in general is having its style moment.

Thanks to Bet Lynch, Kat Slater and those D&G guys for keeping the spirit of the leopard alive and not kicking anymore. Being the easiest print to wear with a furry overcoat number, spiked ankle boots or on a handsome bag, it is a print that never fades. A tad tacky, a little cheap and a lot fabulous, it will keep you hot as Lynch’s fag this season. Tiger is saucy, zebra is a bit of alright too whilst all look marvellous with a bright rep lippy. And remember; animal print will never go out of fashion as the leopard simply never changes its spots.... or so they say.

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Thursday, 3 October 2013


Forget the onesie (please god, let’s forget the onesie) for now it is all about the nightshirt making an appearance from the dark realms of your bedroom to the acceptable antics of day!

Who would have thought it; Michael Darling from Peter Pan being the inspiration behind the look? However, to make it fashion savvy enough to wear other than Christmas morning with your family (who are supposed to love you whatever you  look like) it must tick three specific boxes; be checked, knee length and buttoned all the way to the top- anything else would be well below par. So thank god HOJ has it all sewn up eh! In a variety of colour to match every laced boot and beanie in your wardrobe, the nightshirt is the item of the week. 

Now next up, long johns.... 

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Steal her Style: Lily Collins.

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When Lily Collins rocked up at the Givenchy SS14 show on Sunday during Paris Fashion Week, there was a gasp from the FROW. For not only was she rocking this seasons cult Bambi jumper from the design house themselves, but she seemed to forgotten her trousers. With enough porcelain skin on show to appear sexy without going down the Katie Price route, it was finished off perfectly with a pair of simple ankle strappies and the lustful matching Givenchy purse; the look screamed, “This is my moment.”

The British actress let the neoprene print do the talking, and if like us you haven’t got £750 lying about going spare, then the HOJ bright graphic jumpers that have just dropped in store, are the ones for you. Starting at £30, they are the perfect pullover taking you from day to evening in a knitted tug. 

Perhaps not brave enough to just go out in your undies, then match your statement sweater with the incredibly priced, H&M pleather skirt and studded box clutch from Topshop, before strapping up with these monochrome Asos beauties. Finish with a wet look gel if you dare and pout those lips up with the ‘Paramount’ rich berry lipstick from Mac- we like to call it, Vixen Vibes. 

This look is FROW class- simple yet extremely effective. Kim Kardashian, take note… 

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