Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Totally rave, yah!

(Images courtesy of style.com)

Whatever you think of Henry Holland and his ‘posse’ (Pixie, Grimy, Alexa and Harry… say no more) you got to hand it to him, his AW13 collection was perhaps his best yet. This was mainly due to the cocktail glass motif that was weaved in throughout (the drop earrings and embroidered denims were sublime) and perhaps less the term ‘Rave Nana’ that was coined as the inspiration behind it.

However, the mix of abstract prints, fun knitwear, garish colours and punchy jewelled fabrics was something that could not be denied; the boy done good. With the term ‘Rave Nana’ being referenced to describe either a granddaughter raiding the wardrobe of an OAP in 1989 before trippin' to an acid house rave or the female in question, literally being a pill popping, eighty-eight year old. Either way, get involved!

This look is all about sticking to the traditional ‘grandma’ shape of pussy-bow blouses, balloon shoulders, sensible sweaters and full skirts but then puking over it with neon orange, swirls, vintage prints and hi-shine. Chuck a parka over and you're good to go. But just remember; Sunday lunch with your family the next day… and make sure your Nan's not left behind on the M62.

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