Saturday, 17 November 2012


Marion Cotillard looking schmokingly hot for a recent shoot with W magazine. From the Dior cashmere scarlett coat (and miniscule waist- major guilt fest now feasting after Papa John’s double pizza for lunch) ballooning Iris Van Herpen PVC dress, Dolce & Gabbana satin bodysuit, Gaultier Paris woven jacquard dress, embroidered cage corset and veil, La Perla vintage satin leotard, belted leather Lanvin coat and a Chanel blouse is a mixing bowl of complete fetish couture lust from the Parisian actress. With those light emerald peepers staring seductively into the camera, it is enough to get any hot blooded woman all moist under the embellished collar. The latex-clad toy soldier gimp is just weird.


Wednesday, 31 October 2012


MAJOR EXCITEMENT: We are off to Berlin next week for a HOJ-on-mass-style-trip, eeeeeekkkkk! (sorry I meant, iiiiiiicccccchhhhhh!) Extra large bratwursts, old men in leather chaps and getting some momentous mingling action in to a bit of dirty arse Techno. But now the stereotyping is over; mostly the excitement is caused due to the entire contents of my suitcase now consisting of these, LED eyelashes- serious eyewear if I saw it!

Despite looking like an extra from Tron (though this is easily avoided by adding a headband to hide the faint wire running behind the ears- flashing pom poms, too much?) these are a must have. They work by having an inclination sensor built in with mercury added to control the on/off of the device. When you move your head/eyelid/pupil/eyelash, the LED will flicker, following your every movement whilst leaving a trace of serious disco enlightenment in its wake.

Long, short, fair, stubby or curly- every lash will benefit. Fakes are so TOWIE series 2; Tron is now where it's at. Let’s just hope Berlin doesn't totally avoid the nutter in the corner of the club with inconsistent Christmas lights plugged in behind her ears... but let’s give it a go shall we!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Mother of Pearl.

I stumbled across this label in Soho House last week- and now I am hooked. Only six seasons in, the founder, Maia Norman (married to Damien Hirst) collaborates with a different designer for each collection to create a vision between artwork and fashion. Past collaborators include Walton Ford, Carsten Holler and Keith Tyson, whilst this season New York-based creative, Fred Tomaselli holds centre stage. Known for his intricate paintings and collages, Tomaselli creates hyperdelic images using photographic and paint to create detail and intrigue. Hummingbird and kaleidoscope motifs on palazzo pants and bomber jackets, retro full length soft leather skirts, electric blue, shimmering bronze with lots of texture and contrast in shape- yeah, kind of just want it all. (Had a sneak peak at their SS13 ‘Resort’ range with British artist Gary Hume- there is definitely a rose printed floor length cap-sleeved dress and matching leather holdall with my name on it!)


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mushy Peas.

This is why you shoud never, absolute ever, 'try' and re-create the Jennifer Lopez infamous, Versace emerald plunge.... 'cos this is what you 'could' look like...

Tamara Ecclestone (yep, money can't buy you...) seen at last night's James Bond: Skyfall premiere. You have been warned people!

.... though obviously we would look great.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

A Bump In The Night.

Stuck for ideas with Halloween and don’t wish to look ‘cute’ in a cat outfit with your tits and tush out, a backing dancer for Steps with devils horn or a bitch in hat, then W magazine is what you should be channelling.

Celebrating 40 years in print, each cover star has been dressed appropriately to represent each decade. But quite frankly, each actress is perfect Halloween partaaay inspiration if ever we saw it. Whether Keira Knightley looking a tad Myra-Hindley-ish is your cauldron of choice (bad taste perhaps but those collar bones are to die for) or Rooney Mara reppin’ the 70's with a Stevie Nicks nod (layers, floppy hats, feathers and capes... or a howling Kate Bush naked dance in the woods if not). Mia Wasikowska is smashing it with that pumpkin crop and Scarlett Johansson giving us her best Cruella Deville pout with a fishing hook hanging out her hooter. Or you can go the full hog and do an ‘Osbourne’...

Yeah maybe not.

But after reigniting my love for The Craft this week (this film is the reason I heart the 90’s) is most definitely where it’s at. Darker lip-liner than lipstick, velvet chokers, black cat-eye sunglasses, Camden cybergoth/Spice boots, Japanese schoolgirl socks, clusters of silver rings and Proudlock-cross earrings; basically the current Dalston uniform. The 90’s goth trend has never been so cool and OH, so hot right now...


Tuesday, 16 October 2012


As you may be able to tell, we are loving graphic prints- House of Jam style of late. And with such dynamic patterns loaded onto the SS13 catwalk at London Fashion Week this season, it is easy to tell why. With a look that can transfer you as easily from Autumnal evenings; we are thinking chunky knits, lots of fun fur and oh, not forgetting (bottles) of the red stuff whilst stuffing our faces with mince pies and hog roast (elasticated waistband: not just for pregnancy) to Springtime sessions with flowers, tie dye and pop-colour soled wedges. With the likes of David Koma, Mary Katrantzou, Lousie Gray (bow down to the Queen of Clash) to Michael van der Ham and Peter Pilotto, all setting the stage alight this September with catwalk shows that brought fun, vibrancy and interest back into fashion. When wearing pattern and print the rule is simple: there is none. Happy days!


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

House of Jam Vs Adorn Til Dusk

We recently joined forces with our friends over at Adorn til Dusk to produce an editorial showcasing our Kimono's alongside the amazing statement headpieces and jewellery designed by their founder and designer Julia Cameron.


Jewellery: Julia Cameron @ Adorn til Dusk
Hair and Make up: Rose Crocker

Photographer: Alexandra Leese
Model: Shayna Lewis Fenton

Friday, 10 August 2012


We heart D&G. Their collections always carry that seductive essence of Mediterranean glamour. Romantic and dramatic, it's a presence that’s continuous from one season to the next. Aside from the garms, what really caught our eye recently have been their latest ad campaigns. With their a/w ’12 collections inspired by all things Sicilian, the ads reflect exactly that. Shot in Sicily, using ‘real’ Sicilian old ladies, you can almost smell the pasta…


Wednesday, 1 August 2012


This summer we trotted off to Croatia for the drop dead gorgeous Garden Festival. We’d been waiting for this trip for an absolute age and painstakingly counted down the hours until the time finally came for us to pack up our studs, spray on our batty riders and squeeze 101 outfits into one cabin friendly bag. We hold The Garden dear to our hearts as it’s a place where we reunite with old friends, make new ones and eat calamari by the kilo. Eating, drinking and dancing in one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil, Factor 4, Day 1, LET’S GO! UV rays are a myth. 

The highlight of our festival had to be watching Voicebox Queen and good friend, Ms. Dani Moore, take to the main stage with Crazy P in our first House of Jam custom-made creation. Jazz and I wanted to make a get-up for this fabulous woman as we knew she’d do it justice and rock the absolute sh** out of it, which she did. And then some. The play-suit, designed especially for Dani, consists of a metallic black body with over-sized black sheer chiffon sleeves, finished off with leather collar and cuffs and a back fasten exposed zip. Both cuffs and collar were given the HOJ treatment and studded using silver dome studs. We were both really happy with how it turned out and hope Dani enjoyed performing in it as much as we enjoyed watching her! 

With our focus switching solely to the HOJ label, we’re hoping to be able to create some more bespoke designs for those with a penchant for strutting lots of stuff on stage. Watch this space! 

Photos courtesy of Heather Shuker Photography

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Is this guy serious? Guns, lingerie and coke? Part of us wants to hate this guy and be all like, " What a misogynistic, disgusting b*****d!" The other part of us wants to be a dope bitch and wear his Chanel snap back.. Hmmm decisions, decisions..

Chloe Sevigny + Miu Miu = Match Made in Heaven

Mary Janes and Pant Suits OH MY. 

One of our faves, Chloe Sevigny, is back as the face of Miu Miu for a/w '13, having first graced the brand with her fab'o'lus'ness back in 1996 on their s/s campaign. This time round she's dressed head to toe in hyper print trouser-suits, which undoubtedly will now feature on every cover of every magazine from now until next year. 

Love it. Love her. Wanna Be her.