Friday, 30 August 2013

Utterly, Clueless.

“Do you prefer "fashion victim" or "ensembly challenged"? “ One of many ingenious one-liners from the 1995 parody of Jane Austin’s, Emma that has turned Clueless into a modern-day cult classic! Poking fun at the sorority of Beverley Hills girls who live off Daddy’s wealth, have a revolving walk-in wardrobe, receive a white convertible Cadillac before learning to drive, continually suck a lollipop and go out with the school jock called Brad, has always been fun- throw in a wardrobe like this and you are onto an absolute winner.

The garish colour, the over the knee white socks, the tartan sets, the assortment of hats, the chest, the puppy face, the fun fur, the glossy hair, the braids, the colour code, the brick mobile phones, the driving, the way they hold their school books, hold their pink fluffy pen, fling their handbag when they wiggle off to the swimming pool in the garden, the polo necks, Brittany Murphy's pout (RIP), the incestual relationships… this film is pure genius! Can you believe it is 18 this year? If you take a look at these HOJ gems and the inspiration behind them, it’s hard to imagine that time has even rolled on since that summer in Sweet Valley High.  

Mixing and mashing prints with Alice bands, patent platform Mary Jane’s and a neon green threaded tweed jacket thrown over the shoulder- it’s girly, it’s kitsch, it’s OTT, it’s naïve, it’s cutesy, it’s ridiculous, basically it’s a feminists nightmare- and our dreamworld!  


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Snug as a Bug...

Call us insane but we are mega excited for Autumn, even dare we say it, winter? No not the rain, grim frosty mornings, leaving the club in darkness and getting drenched on the dash from station to work; but the chunky knits, fur stoles, shaggy coats, heavy buckled boots, striped layering, bobble hats, mittens... bare legs- I'm over you!

Come on admit it, there is something really homely, cosy and  a tad romantic about throwing on an oversized jumper, walking to your local and sitting in front of an open fire with a large red and Style on Sunday, followed by a homemade roast and film back at yours with toasty socks and a cuppa. Yeah you can do it now (minus the outerwear) but it’s not the same. Don’t get us wrong! We love summer as much as the next guy but it’s true what they say; you always want what you don’t have. (You can hold us to that when we are moaning how we miss the long summer evenings, drinking cider by the river and the uncontrollable urge to chain smoke.) 

But if you are not convinced then just take a look at these mighty fine pre-A/W knits from HOJ. With a selection of colour, prints and no-scratch guaranteed, they have got us all hot under the knit- especially that umbrella design (we love a novelty number round here.)  And if you are STILL not in agreement then the image of Miley Cyrus in that nude latex bikini is enough to get everyone running for cover!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Bomb 4 Da Bomb Bomb 4 Da Reload.

How FIT? Yes we have to agree the new drop of vintage silk bombers are sure to cause a huge stir among you all. From skinheads and builders/80's power films to Fresh Prince/ Hip Hop bouncing with Bianca Jackson- it seems the bomber jacket unites us all from every background. With the luxe fabric and rich depth of colour brings us nicely into Autumn with plum and burgundy wine hues, to adopt that love for the 90's that is still very much prominent.
Adorn with crop tees and stomping chunky boots or over one of our many floral tea dresses for a 2013 twist on grunge. Scowl, pout, grimace or goof- whatever your flavaaa is this season, the bomb-bomb-bomber is reppin' it all the way. Well if it's good enough for Grant Mitchell...

Keep your eyes peeled for A/W to drop very soon!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

All over the Macarena!

That time of year is here again- to dutty wind with a red stripe in hand and a plastic pineapple under arm with blacked-out shades tightly fixed to face and hair frizzed up in the humidity, all the while smiling ecstatically over the base- Carnival time!

Come Sunday, the streets around Notting Hill will be paved with colour! Music! Shapes! Floats! People! Food (OMG the food!) Visions! Movement! Vibrations! Don’t let the media hype ruin the fun, for Carnival is a time for everyone to come together under the most electrifying atmosphere; to embrace the show, to celebrate the big 'C' ("well cultured babes") and to have, oh yeah, FUN! Of course, what to wear is just part of the charm. Unless this takes your fancy, and lets be honest, if we had it, we'd definitely flaunt it too…

... then we were going to suggest something really stereotypical and obvious to evoke the full-blooded Caribbean flex and then we thought- yep that’s exactly what we are going to do. With the weather looking highly promising it seems there is no other option than citrus bounds of colour, midriffs high, batty riders even higher, with HOJ prints making new friends, (vital) flat shoes and to forget all about work on Monday because it doesn’t exist- for all exists now is this pavement, in which your nose is currently bouncing off. Headdresses are more than welcome, as is a bottle of Morgan Spice and beads; hang beads everywhere, just because it feels good.  

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There really is no other place in London quite like it. See you at the bus and let the Good Times roll!


Tuesday, 20 August 2013


She may be the most annoying woman in pop* but even we have to agree Rita Ora looked pretty damn hot on the Sunday at V festival - well of course she did, she totally copied the look from HOJ! (Obviously.)

A sneak peek into the new A/W collection at House of Jam never looked so tantalising with the two-piece again, the star of the show (this black leather trim number is bound to sell out quick so get in there fast.) Worn on a late summer getaway with the boy or taking you through to Bonfire night in November; it’s the diamond duo that will fit in with every situation or date- the word du jour being, ‘layering’.

With Ora flashing (of course she is) the holographic striped Jonathan Saunders number-and some rather spectacular Sophia Webster cutaway thigh-high boots- she may have slightly redeemed herself from that somewhat, horrific monochrome getup she donned up t’north on the Saturday. Stick to the 2-piece Reets, if HOJ are doing it, you know you are onto a winner.  

Keep your eyes peeled for A/W stock to drop. We can hardly wait!

*Just as this post went live, Miley Cyrus regained the number one spot. 

Friday, 16 August 2013

SpongeClob,(strictly) No Pants.

It's time to straighten those edges and put those curves away, for it's official; the square is the shape of the season. Seen at the likes of Celine, Chalayan, DAKS and Sportmax, it appears the boxier the shape, the straighter you’ll become... in every sense.

Crisp, clean, with a sense of efficiency (no wonder the French fashion houses adore it). By keeping the jacket/shirt cropped, the collar buttoned and tucked in with sleeves ruler straight and wide, it is a no fuss attitude to fashion; a repellent to the colour and print overload that has seen this summer erupt in (no complaints here!)

NEW SEASON ALERT: Always ahead of the game, here at HOJ we have gone on the straight and narrow and immersed ourselves in the trend with these handmade bad boys. Given the seal of approval with the iconic JAM clash of graphics, offers variety for whatever your square needs must- perfect for that difficult transeasonal period when you have no clue what is going on, in life and in clothes. A cropped tee and high-waisted denims are what these shirts are screeching out for; on the other hand, layer it over a midi (must be straight, severely, straight) to channel that Chalayan vibe.

Buy NOW before the curve gets jealous and wants its spotlight back. 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Oh she's got her mojo back! Just when we thought Florence Welch had gone all mainstream and Daisy Lowe on us, she busts out this gorgeous vintage find that makes us want to run through the streets of NYC gaily too!

With Chanel, Gucci and Saint Laurent having all called her their 'muse', basing collections around her ethereal, bohemian, 1970's take on 2013 festival glamour; the singer has been seen of late with her usual quirk becoming slightly diluted with denim cut-offs and green tees. And then here she comes! Hailing a cab through Manhattan with Miu Miu platforms, a python-skinned clutch, retro round sunglasses and her auburn locks hanging loosely on her porcelain shoulders. She looks happy, beautiful and totally in awe of her effortlessness in pulling this,very personal, style off- many try but only one succeed.

But now you can get a bit of Welch in your own wardrobe, with this stunning chiffon number that is only a breathtaking- £20. A little shorter than Flo's means it is more adaptable to wear causally in the day and then grabbing for those tights, chunky boots and shaggy furs come winter. Don't say we never treat you!

BUY the dress NOW.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Time to grow up?

With a line-up that has swapped and changed more times than Rihanna's hair, it seems only right that it should go full circle, back to the start, back to where it all began: one word, overload.

Sugababes, sorry, MKS have regrouped with its founder members; Mutya. Keisha and Siobhan (gettit?) to show the Heidi’s, Amelia’s, Jade’s of this world how to do harmonies properly. Bust ups, cat fights, piercings, bad tatts, a Celeb Big Brother appearance, flopped solo careers and one bum lift later and they appear to have reunited to leave the fiery past behind them. And oh, what a difference 13 years can make!

Getting together when they were just 15 years old with their first (and only) album together ‘One Touch’; they were the girl group that had the nonchalant attitude without the bubblegum hemline that made them the edgy choice (when you were ten) to play on your Walkman. You could just imagine them as shazza teenagers; hanging out on the park bench with straggly hair, gelled fringes, multiple scrunches and python-skinned backless loafers that we can all relate to, can’t we?

The epitome of nougthies fashion- bland block colour halter necks, flat caps, and cowboy boots; it’s safe to say that was the most dire time for fashion (give it two years ) but fast forward to 2013 and it’s marvellous what a new stylist can do. Sleek textures, sophisticated layering, structured jackets and enough urban to keep it grounded- it’s time for grown up fashion to rear it’s head with even the worst offenders Just add large hoops, a leather jacket, sultry smile and plum lippy; "You can take the girl out of 2001..."

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Star of the Show.

It has arrived; in store and in style! The pick of the week that will leave revellers from far and wide weeping at the thought of missing out on such a beautifully crafted gem, brought into 2013 with shazaaaaam- so what are you waiting for?

The HOJ kimono has just been taken to new spectacular heights. The authentic, burnt red glow of the hand embroidered silk kimono that you can just imagine being worn originally in the 1960s; lounging on bean bags, the home-grown hashish swirling around sheer fabrics, beards longing for braiding, hair flowering, lizards decorating the walls, Buddha’s dancing … OK, you get the picture.

The versatile beauty can be worn in true House of Jam style over denim cut-offs, heavy buckle boots and the 90’s double bun hair do- likewise you could throw it on after the beach with tan gladiator sandals for that perfect time of the day when the sun is just going down and the beers are coming out by the dozen. How about draping a bodycon number, hair pulled up Croydon-style, feline eyes, platform straps and a waist belt to accentuate those (Summer cider) curves, with the slit placed à la JLo. Or go the whole hog and invest in some wooden flatforms, floral headpiece and a satin obi (white socks optional) for true traditional Japanese chic, because let’s be honest; no-one does it better.

Click HERE to buy NOW. 

Monday, 5 August 2013

Get The London Look.

The G is back in town. Gwen and her age-defying, ghetto fabulous/skater girl in 3.1 Phillip Lim style are back in the City whilst visiting English-hubby, Gavin Rossdale's family in Hampstead- reppin’ a Burberry checked trench like no other. 

How is it when Daniella Westbrook attempted the same full-blown printed look she looked like a dog biscuit, whilst Stefani wraps it and looks ridiculously chic? It could be the effortless way she pulls outfits together, mixing urban slouch with fine tailoring that has redefined the 'yummy mummy' (*grimace) wardrobe. Whether it is a bikini and surf shorts on Santa Monica beach, the Grammy Awards in Valentino or on stage with her band, No Doubt in vintage Adidas- Gwen rocks it with a capital, Raaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Never seen without  a matte rouge lip, peroxide locks and swish of black liquid liner; Gwen fails to look ‘done’ or too try-hard, EVER (VB, we are looking at you) and over the past 20 years has kept true to her personal style that began with pink hair, bindis and braces. To get the 'Gwen in London' look (far cooler than California, obvi) stick to denim, checks and stripes to keep the radar set on scorching grunge; add a pair of fuchsia Wonka shades, talon nails and knitted beanie for that extra burn baby.


Mixing ska/hip hop and rock influences in the music has been incorporated into her everyday look, with the L.A.M.B. clothing line feeding her appetite for RTW fashion, taking inspiration from Vivienne Westwood for shape, cut and draping.

And let’s be honest- she's just one hot mamma! 43 years old (and still holding a Batman umbrella, brilliant) it’s safe to say, most women half her age want to be her, or even just one of her abs. Look cool up under the dictionary; I’m pretty sure you’ll see Gwen Stefani, standing in Converse, a white vest with a child in tow and still managing to look couture.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Two's Up!

Walking aimlessly around Secret Garden Party with tinsel in hair, glitter in eyes and a colourful tripped vision of perfection surrounded by friends, trees and blurred lines- it truly was a stunning realisation of, “Ohemgeee I’ve never been so happy in my life.” Whilst the lake glistened, splashed and then burned in a violent burst of beauty; music jammed, quivered and slammed and friends dance, fell, rolled and then flew-the dreamlike state of tranquility amongst everyone was complete. Feathers were huge, sequins rainbow and clothes… what clothes? The only garment that mattered at SGP was the two-piece; oh yes! The HOJ two-piece is back, shaking to a trend that is still recovering 5 days later….

Soundwave, Garden, Glastonbury, Lovebox, Found, SGP, Eastern Electrics, Thailand, Ibiza… the infamous HOJ handmade two-piece has been there, keeping us fully bootylicious-proof along the way. And it’s returned! With Dimensions festival just over a month away, it is not just the cross-trainer that is back with a vengeance but the array of printed and fabulous textured fabrics too. Starting subtle with chic monochrome, but soon growing brighter than the emerald green tree lights at The Labyrinth stage. (God, take us back.)

Worn with pumps and John Lennon’s in the daytime for a casual affair; wedges and naturally sprung curls for stylish evening attire and then hologram-me-up, blue eyebrows and mesh kimonos for partaaaay time later! The two-piece is a guaranteed way to attract all the right kind of attention.  

Shop NOW before the summer is well and truly O-V-E-R.