Friday, 30 August 2013

Utterly, Clueless.

“Do you prefer "fashion victim" or "ensembly challenged"? “ One of many ingenious one-liners from the 1995 parody of Jane Austin’s, Emma that has turned Clueless into a modern-day cult classic! Poking fun at the sorority of Beverley Hills girls who live off Daddy’s wealth, have a revolving walk-in wardrobe, receive a white convertible Cadillac before learning to drive, continually suck a lollipop and go out with the school jock called Brad, has always been fun- throw in a wardrobe like this and you are onto an absolute winner.

The garish colour, the over the knee white socks, the tartan sets, the assortment of hats, the chest, the puppy face, the fun fur, the glossy hair, the braids, the colour code, the brick mobile phones, the driving, the way they hold their school books, hold their pink fluffy pen, fling their handbag when they wiggle off to the swimming pool in the garden, the polo necks, Brittany Murphy's pout (RIP), the incestual relationships… this film is pure genius! Can you believe it is 18 this year? If you take a look at these HOJ gems and the inspiration behind them, it’s hard to imagine that time has even rolled on since that summer in Sweet Valley High.  

Mixing and mashing prints with Alice bands, patent platform Mary Jane’s and a neon green threaded tweed jacket thrown over the shoulder- it’s girly, it’s kitsch, it’s OTT, it’s naïve, it’s cutesy, it’s ridiculous, basically it’s a feminists nightmare- and our dreamworld!  


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