Thursday, 27 October 2011

Fright night

So it's Halloween this weekend, the perfect excuse for most girls to dress up as a slutty witch, slutty cat, slutty vampire, slutty devil, slutty broomstick, slutty ghost, slutty zombie, slutty etc.. And why not? We all remember what happened to Katy Herren in Mean Girls... It pays to be to a Playboy bunny. 1-0 to Regina George.

Which ever end of the slut-o-meter you decide to go for, we can all agree that fake blood and cheap lashes never look good. Stick to looking like you've stuck your head in a Haberdashery instead, far less gooey and lots more fun sticking sparkley things to your face. Aside from that, Halloween is the only night where blue eye shadow is technically allowed, so embrace your inner Pat Butcher and let loose. Failing that playing it safe is always an option -  you can't go wrong with a strong lip and a smokey eye. Unless you're Michelle Keagan or an existing female member of Hollyoakes.

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