Sunday, 13 November 2011

Bill Cunningham, The one and only...

He was around long before the digital age, bloggers and twitter feeds. You could say Bill Cunningham is the original trend spotter, the first street style photographer. He is. However I find the term 'street style' too casual a title for a man whose dedicated his whole life to documenting style, chronicling trends and capturing so honestly a history of fashion. He published his first group of street photographs in The NY Times in December 1978, soon after it became a regular series. He still works at the New York Times, 81 years of age out on the streets on Manhattan everyday. Check out his video column 'Style on the Street' here

So we were just about to watch the September Issue for the 10th time when it was suggested we watch Bill Cunningham: New York, a documentary film about the life of this amazing man. I won't go on, no need to give you my synopsis, just watch it. 
I dare you not to fall in love with him. 

"We all get dressed for Bill." Anna Wintour

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