Saturday, 25 May 2013

Musings of an aspiring Slap Artist - The New Classics #1

Following make-up trends, for some of us, can lead to disaster and a series of Facebook photos we'd rather weren't tagged. While powder blue eye shadow, might look good on Joan Smalls, it can leave the rest of us looking less Prada and more Pat Butcher.With make-up, while it's ALWAYS fun to experiment with different looks, knowing what suits your features, skin tone and face shape, and working within that sphere of familiarity is the most effective way to monopolize what yo'mamma gave you.

The best trends within make-up are the ones that stick, the ones that hang around for seasons at a time, developing steadily with only subtle variations each time they pop up. These are the classics that can be re-invented, and the thing about classics is, they're always en Vogue. We've selected our top 4 that all draw their inspiration from the archetypal beauty trends...

1. Lippy Red Riding Hood
The red lip's alter-ego.. The ombre is the Jessica Rabbit of pouts. Try a deep red with dark purple corners using M.A.C lipstick 'Lady Danger' and The Make-up Store liner in 'Jazz'. *** Leave matte for a more vampish finish or gloss over with clear gloss for a sticky icky icky wet look. We love this video from Lora Arellano, perfectly demonstrated and no annoying 'how to' noise!

2. BrowsBrowsBrows
Over plucked brows are like Kim Kardashian's maternity wear, they're offensive. They're unnecessary and a result of some deluded misconception that a more defined shape is always better. It's NOT. If you're lucky enough to a smooth, defined natural arch then you've got no excuse. Your grooming routine should be a case of pulling out the odd stray and nothing else. Full brows ooze sass, skinny tadpole.. not so much. There's so much that could be said on this topic, but for now just know... add to what you've got with a wax or pencil, Benefit do a great brow shaping kit, 'Brow zings', aaaaaand don't get carried away with those tweezers or you'll wind up looking like Jodie Marsh.

4. Colour Block Sockets
Eye shadow can be such a touchy subject. Obviously you can't go wrong with a smokey eye or nude, natural day shades but one look we're wearing out at the moment is colour blocking. Use one solid colour all over the lid, adding more in the socket and corners and highlighting while contouring the natural bones of your eye area. It's dramatic without being fussy, perfect for both night and day. Darker and brighter shades work for a more dramatic evening look while more muted shades suit your day time steeze.

5. Sweet Little Lines
Liquid liner is a god send. Whenever you're having one of those "I've got nothing to wear" days with your make-up just stick a feline flick on it and you're good to go. Team one of these with your ombre lip and you're pure FYAH. We're into this video from Miss Mila Victoria (Milataughtme), showing you 3 ways of sexing up your liner.

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