Tuesday, 7 February 2012

FA. cup on Steroids. And crack..

I'm not a fan of Madge, in fact I think she's a deluded mess who makes films about Nazi sympathisers and glorifies them as romantic heros and style icons. Anyway, I digress, what I really want to say is... The only good thing to come out of her SuperBowl performance? Leather gladiator costumes and Versace inspired jewels. Credit where credits due on that front. HOWEVER.... Everything else made me want to throw up all over M.I.A's bad decision to feature on perhaps one of the worst songs of all time. Sharing a stage with LMFAO? Dub-step break down of give me all your lovin'? "WORLD PEACE" in giant size gold letters? I wonder how many Palestinians saw that and thought hey, you know what you're right!

Fuck you Super Bowl.

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