Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Put that in the what were you thinking pile!

Red carpet dressing has gone to the ruddy dogs. It's as if stylists and the wanky celebrities they work for have totally lost it. The number of red carpet car crashes has shot up in recent months and we know Joan Rivers will be having an absolute field day over on E! Nb. If you haven't seen Fashion Police -Get to know.

Don't get us wrong, theres always been retinal horror shows like the British Soap Awards, where the entire female cast of Hollyoakes looks like something Dolly Parton threw up in the 80's but it was always Tinsel Town that offered us something with a little more finesse, a bit more glitz and a lot more glam. Apparantly not anymore.

not quite sure where we're going with this...

We just saw this picture of Robin and got carried away.

... oh and this...


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