Monday, 15 July 2013

Amy, Amy, Amy...

Mingling on a boat in the Adriatic Sea during Soundwave festival, the four fatal words every fan had been dreading came as the sun went down over Croatia; “Amy Winehouse is dead”.

No-where felt the heartbreak and utter loss more vividly than here at HOJ HQ: from her jazzy/hip hop fusion tones (that came with a first album that is up there with the greatest) the rockabilly/yardie style that put 2 fingers up to the trends of the time; to the cab driving, mayfair puffing, foul mouth husk that spoke with utter frankness and an effortlessly raw talent- that was at times distressing to watch yet could mesmerize and spine-tingle an entire nation.

On 23rd July it will be two years since the ‘Back to Black’ singer perished alone in her Camden house and in celebration of her life that was; her brother Alex has co-curated an intimate exhibition at the Jewish Museum in North London (Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait) to give further insight into the unique yet lost soul.

Amy’s style was one like no other- all beehive, eyeliner, tats, tits and ballet pumps- her strong aesthetic presence has been emulated by the masses (from Camden-ites to Jean Paul Gaultier). Yet for the summer months, it was all about the tropical print that she adorned on body con dresses and 50’s style tied shirts- from festival tottering on stage like a baby bird to picking up numerous awards and making cups of tea for the awaiting paparazzi outside her manor at 5am- the bright, Hawaiian print was there, trying to keep up along the way. She even incorporated the paradise hues into her S/S 11 Fred Perry collaboration with sleeveless shirts and cropped cherry cardies.

Now you are able to get your inner Amy vibing with a selection of fruity shirts from HOJ that have recently dropped.  Worn in or out, rolled up or down, with denim or clashed with checks- it’s time to embrace the Amy we love.

Now pass the Caribbean twist... 

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