Tuesday, 23 July 2013


The original birds are back. Dusting off their feathers and pouncing over to ITV like it has only been, oh, 15 years, since we saw the trio cackle, throttle, leer and dust their way through each episode. A few pounds lighter and a few lines extra; the show follows on from two sisters, Sharon and Tracey (Pauline Quirke and Linda Robinson) living the suburbia dream in 90's Essex. Complete with decor that could rival the blandest Changing Rooms makeover,ill-fitting shirts straight out of Jo Brand's wardrobe and a scowl borrowed from Albert Square (surely Tracey is the long-lost daughter of Pauline Fowler?) -cleaning their way through jobs whilst their fellas are inside for robbery. The man-eating neighbour, Lesley Joseph provides the perfect antithesis to the dowdy wardrobe with leopard print, sequins, scarlet talon nails, the power shoulder and garish colour overload; you have to love Doreen, ("Now, now, Sharon. Fat people are supposed to be jolly; it's a tradition"). She’s basically Patsy's younger, raven, less-alcoholic cousin.

The sitcom will be back on our screens in September with eight episodes after a recent successful run on stage. Yet never has Doreen been so in vogue with the costume jewellery dripping from every orifice, large gold rimmed Jackie O sunglasses, body-con mesh dresses and 80's stilettos with a smoky haze that lingers throughout each episode (and a body at 67 year old that is quite frankly, ridiculous!). Bring on the show AND that theme tune. "What would I do, when you, are far way...." Pure 90's nostalgia at its finest.  

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