Thursday, 25 July 2013

Style Envy: Solange Knowles

Move over Queen Bee, your lil’ sis is about to nick your limelight in a citric blast of rainbow prints, tantalizing textures and fusion of shapes (she’s basically a carton of five alive)- Solange Knowles, you are our new fav!

Whether it is the indigo blue, cyber dog braids; the 70’s Studio 54 gold lamé flares, ethnic printed playsuits, headscarves in fuchsia with traditional bold jewellery- to the Prada suits with ankle straps and afro fever alongside a beaded Chanel maxi.The list is endless to the vast amount of looks Sol can flip her neon hand at and achieve massive style success; it makes Beyoncé look like Kate Middleton in comparison. She may have the moves, the voice, the stage presence and the life of a goddess, but the endless toned pins of the other Knowles sibling can rock a harem pant and kimono like no other. (No wonder the genius footwear designer, Sophia Webster has chosen Solange as her muse.)

The HOJ clan are off to Dimensions festival in Croatia later on this summer and you can be sure they’ll be tweaks and twists of Ms. Knowles packed tightly within our baggage allowance. With leopard scarves multiplying as headdresses, two-pieces, a sarong, a towel, a bag, a sheet, a cover up, a bed, a bib… this look was made for an Easy Jet flight. It may be a tad hazy what the model/singer/DJ/fashion party attendee actually does but I think she may have found her forte- if you can’t compete with the most powerful woman in the world, don’t- simply do it your own way. 

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  1. I love her sense of style and how she can make pattern and shapes work which I would never think of putting together.
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