Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I scream, you're outta your mind.

If it’s good enough to lick, it’s good enough to wear- that’s what they say, right?

Whether your favourite temptation of flavour is strawberry cheesecake, peach melba, banana split, minty chip or failsafe vanilla; it’s time to take inspiration from the delectable pastel taste of summer and childhood days gone by. Sitting on the pebbles of Brighton, chilling in London Fields with friends, floating through Brockwell lido or on a roof terrace in Clapton (I’ve heard it’s the place to be) nothing sums up ‘heat wave’ than a good old vintage Cornetto. Now it’s time for your clothes to incorporate the same feel good vibes.

Pastel is incredibly easy to wear as it works with every skin tone- the key is to go a shade or two lighter/darker to complement. Combining a stripe, a pleated skirt, a tie, a crop or faded denim playsuit can keep the look cute yet interesting, whist staying away from garish print and graphic formations to give it a scoop effect rather than twister-y taste. The ice cream hues are perfect when styling with the 1950's cat eye sunnies, rollers under full wrap headscarves, peep toe slingbacks and the must-have curvy behind. Well, with all that sugar to get through, it’s a blimmin’ good job… 

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