Thursday, 27 June 2013

I Think I Need a Vacay: Our Holiday Essentials

Packing for your holiday can be stressful, especially if you're signed up to the good old one item of hand luggage only rule. Making sure you have everything you need and fitting it into one tiny weekend bag is a skill, in fact it's an art. Everyone knows the trick is to only pack what you're realistically going to wear. This means the backless gold jumpsuit with floor length tassels from River Island that's 2 sizes too small, that you bought 2 years ago, to wear once you'd lost a few pounds (but haven't) stays at home in your bottom drawer, where it belongs. We're a strong believer in the pack-by-day-plan technique, choosing one option for each day of your vacay, and one only! This requires conviction and foresight, two things that may go out the window when you're trying to squeeze 15 bikinis into the inside pocket of your case. 

Now we can't help you be a better person or packer, but we can list our favourite items that will be making it into our cases this summer for when we finally jet off into the sunshine. 

The Black One Piece
Get yourself a decent cossie this year. Bikini's are cool and all but suits have a certain je ne sais quoi that make bikini wearers look like they stepped fresh out of Teen Vogue. We're not talking special K vibes here, or those mumsie 90's throw backs American Apparel are rinsing this summer We're talking statement suits, solid bright colours and sexy cut outs. We love this one shouldered piece from ASOS, all black, asymmetrical shape and mesh inserts, perfect for when that base tan kicks in. 

The Pussy Cat Shades
There are two types of sunglasses people; there are those who get through sunnies quicker than they get through socks, then there are those who invest in some serious eye gear, carry protective cloth around with them and get really uncomfortable when you ask if you can try them on. The latter are the ones who have the best eye game, they're ones who might invest in a pair of these babies (see below). These Illesteva beauties, produced in collab with Zac Posen, are the perfect and much more glamourous alternative to the round spectacle frame specs which still seem to be doing the rounds this season. 

Like we said earlier, you need to be economical with space when packing. Which is why including versatile pieces in your case leaves more room for all the things you hate to pack but have to i.e. your freakin massive hairdryer. The kimono is our fail safe all rounder, beach cover-up in the day and throw it over anything in the evening. They're the simplest way to liven up the levi cut-offs/vest combo, a look we which we pretty much live in, especially when we're on our hols. 

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